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Southeast Haiti

"Hispañola" is the island Haiti shares with the Dominican Republic. From our base in Marjofre, we reach the under-served in Southeast Haiti from Belle-Anse, Grand-Gosier and Thiotte east to Ansapit on the Dominican border.



The hub of our region, Thiotte is home to a small but vital hospital where we educate and serve. Thiotte also grows Haiti's best coffee. Shown, women at the Thiotte hospital wait for cervical cancer screenings by HHP.



Many of our patients live in isolated outposts, cut off from healthcare. Mobile clinics help us reach them. In this scene at the market in Mapou, a promoter announces the HHP mobile clinic with a megaphone and directs people to the location.



When political conflicts ended Haiti's Southeast coffee trade, coastal towns like Belle Anse were left to die on the vine. One nurse runs the Belle Anse clinic for the entire district. HHP has her back. Shown, a boy waits to be seen by the nurse.



It is hard to imagine today that sleepy Grand-Gosier was once a bustling coffee port. HHP is giving new life to the under-manned clinic here. Shown, fishing boats have come home for the day on the Grand-Gosier foreshore 

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Ansapit is Haiti's southernmost border town and trade hub with its Dominican neighbors. HHP staff support the hospital here and conduct cervical cancer screenings in the community. Shown, men wrestle a donated exam table into a truck bound for the Marjofre clinic.

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