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Informal markets like this one in Bodari, Southeast Haiti are the bread and butter of the rural Haitian economy and one of the best venues for a pop-up health clinic.


The World Health Organization estimated in 2018 that there is one health clinic for every 45,000 people in Southeast Haiti. In reality, what clinics there are may not be serviceable in a region without an adequate budget to staff them, and where rough footpaths serve for roads.

Our field medicine is not only a lifeline, it also connects us with some of our neediest patients, like 10-year-old Denise Jean with advance sickle cell disease. 


And it forces us to think outside the box to find inventive ways to reach this population. It was a mobile clinic in Mapou that inspired HHP medical director Daniel Antoine to conceive  Wi Menm La – literally, “Yes,We Are Here” – a program that targets hypertension in remote patients.  

Scenes from
the backcountry

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