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Dr. Daniel Antoine examines a patent
at the Centre de Santé Union de Grand-Gosier
clinic in Marjofre.


24 x 7
Primary Care

Officially called the Centre de Santé Union de Grand-Gosier, our clinic is located in the southeastern town of Marjofre about five hours by rough jeep roads from Port-au-Prince and three hours by motorcycle from the Dominican border.


The clinic opened in January. 2016 offering consults 5 days a week with one doctor and nurse in attendance. Today, the clinic operates around the clock serving 15,000 residents annually, and our Haitian staff has grown to 16; including doctors, midwives, nurses, lab techs, administrators, and support staff,  all with roots in the rural south and borderlands where we serve.     


Birth Center

Haiti has the highest maternal mortality rate in the Americas, according to the Centers for Disease Control. The danger of losing the mother increases the deeper one moves into the  countryside where HHP serves.


We created Mezon Nesans Fanmi, a small family birth center and medical residence, for that reason.    

A mother shows off her youngest born
durig a HHP house visit.
Womem wait to receive cervical cancer
screenings by HHP nurse Mirese Musac in 

Women's Health

Haitian women are called the 'poto mitan': the backbone of their country. If they become ill, the family structure collapses.   


Through HHP's clinic and birth center, women in our rural region are participating in family planning, vaccines, prenatal services and cancer screenings, most of them for the first time in their lives.   

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