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Nowhere in Haiti is healthcare so inaccessible as in the isolated Southeast, where death is often the accepted outcome of being sick.  


A Connecticut nurse practitioner, Louise Lindenmeyr first brought life-saving cervical cancer screening and treatment to the Southeast region in 2013 and taught the low-cost technique known as VIA/Cryo to practitioners throughout the area.

On a hike to rural Marjofre, Lindenmeyr and two enterprising friends discovered a half-built clinic. Seeing she was a traveling medical person, the community leaders asked her to help.

Around this time, the World Health Organization reported that only  8% of the region's residents had access to a healthcare facility.


Today, Marjofre is home to a full regional primary clinic and birth center operating around the clock, 7 days a week, serving 5,000 people annually. Special HHP programs reach another 15,000  residents isolated in high mountains and rocky ravines across the Southeast.

Our Haitian doctors and nurses have a passion for serving their country's most vulnerable -- and a stake in making this a sustainable, Haitian-owned healthcare practice.

Won't you join them?

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