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Primary Care

HHP's Marjofe clinic serves an area of 19,500 people who live in extreme poverty, sustained mainly by subsistence farming, tucked into hills and valleys accessed only by footpaths.

The closest hospital, which has very limited services, is a 45-minute motorcycle ride uphill on a rocky road. Emergency transport is unavailable. 


Supported by an in-house lab and pharmacy,  the clinic staff can treat anything from a machete wound to broken limbs, diabetes and high blood pressure. And because the clinic belongs to a local community group, not HHP, they and we are deeply invested in building their capacity with the ultimate goal of self-sustainability. 


Since 2018, the staff have conceived and implemented successful grant proposals that break new ground for rural healthcare in this challenging region. 


For example, our program Wi Menm La   was developed by HHP Medical Director Daniel Antoine to target hypertension in residents with no means to reach a clinic. Through this program thousands of people over the age of 15 have been educated about the “silent killer” and screened, and 25% are receiving treatment.


broken arm4.png

Dr. Daniel Antoine sets the broken arm of a man struck by a motorcycle near the Marjofre clinic.

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