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where there were no doctors
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Nowhere in Haiti is healthcare so inaccessible as in the isolated Southeast, where death is often the accepted outcome of being sick.  


A Connecticut nurse practitioner, Louise Lindenmeyr first brought life-saving cervical cancer screening and treatment to the Southeast region in 2013, and taught the low-cost technique known as VIA/Cryo to practitioners throughout the area.

On a hike to rural Marjofre, Lindenmeyr and two enterprising friends discovered a half-built clinic. Seeing she was a traveling medical person, the community leaders asked her to help.

Around this time, the World Health Organization was reporting that only  8% of the region's residents  had access to a health care facility.


Today, Marjofre is home to a full regional primary clinic and birth center operating around the clock, 7 days a week, serving 9,000 people annually. Special HHP programs reach  another 160,000  residents isolated in  high mountains and rocky ravines across the Southeast.

Our Haitian doctors and nurses have a passion for serving their country's most vulnerable -- and a stake in making this a sustainable, Haitian-owned health care practice.

Won't you join them?




Haiti has a healthcare vision for its people,  but taxes from the working poor population aren't enough to realize it. The result is a patchwork of teaching hospitals and rural clinics with few or no staff.​

While many well-intentioned NGOs send visiting doctors to Haiti once or twice a year, HHP is giving rural Haitians a real healthcare home.

Centre de Santé Union de Grand-Gosier Our clinic, CSUG, offers full primary and 24/7 emergency care to 30,000 of the most vulnerable rural poor across Southeast Haiti.


Mezon Nesans Fanmi 
Connected to the clinic, our 24/7 birth center provides full maternity services and assists traditional, local midwives. Medical staff throughout the region have been trained by us to deliver women's cervical cancer screening and treatment.

Our aim is to make these services self-sustaining, Our staff currently raises about $20,000 annually from consultation, lab and pharmacy fees. In 2018, they won their first grants to take on hypertension and female cancer detection in extreme rural settings.


We do all of this on less than $80,000 a year by keeping our eye on the goal of sustainability -- 98 cents of every dollar we receive is spent in Haiti.

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Dr. Daniel Antoine
Medical Director


Dr. Merlange Jean-Pierre General Medicine


Florette Noël 
Director of Nursing and Vaccine Program


Malibelle Pierre
Nurse and Pharmacy Director


Mirese Musac
Nurse and Supervisor of Female
Cancer Prevention Program


Ruth Lefleur
Midwife, Women's Health

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Hispañola Health Parnters proves it's possible to deliver high quality healthcare at very low cost. With a budget of little more than $80,000 a year, we serve 30,000 of some of the world's most vulnerable people

With your help, we can do more. 

Contact us to learn about specific programs open for sponsorship. We will be happy to discuss detailed donation options including your own ideas.      


Volunteerism is alive and well at HHP, too. Erin Quinn, a nurse practitioner from San Diego, has volunteered her time and experience to HHP's cervical health programs, birth center and fundraising efforts. Today, she is a valued member of HHP's board.


 We are a 501 (c) (3) non-profit registered with the IRS (EIN: 46-4787690) and Colorado Department of State.


Please give a tax deductible gift of healthcare today. 


Mesi anpil - thank you! 

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