Medical Team 
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Dr. Daniel Antoine, Primary Care 

Dr. Roberto Peigne, Medical Director

Nurse Mirèse Musac 

Nurse Florette Noël 

Miss Amose, Lab Technician 


Alexandrine Mardy, Clinic Administrator.  

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Louise Lindenmeyr, Executive Director, U.S.

Bulgue Gaëtian, Administrative Assistant

Peter Halle, President, Treasurer, U.S. 


Regis Fritz

Patrick Howell

Regis owns and operates food and

transport businesses in Marjofre and the U.S.


Louise Lindenmeyr

Louise is a family nurse practitioner at Sun River Health in the Hudson Valley.

Philip Wolf

 U.S. board of directors 

Louise Lindenmeyr, Family Nurse Practitioner, Executive Director

Patrick Howell                                                            


Washington, D.C. 


Phil Wolf


Frisco, CO                                                 


Louise Lindenmeyr                                                     

Executive Director, Co-founder                                     

Family Nurse Practitioner                                            

Sun River Health

Amenia, NY


Peter Halle

President, Treasurer

Amesville, CT


Erin Quinn, NP

Encinitas, CA

Helen Scoville, RN, IBCLC

Salisbury, CT

Ellen Ratigan, Esquire


Philadelphia, PA


Nemour Melidor
Project de Bodarie International 

Dacula, GA                                                             


Patricia Borns                                                             

VI Housing Authority

St. Thomas USVI

In loving memory of former board member Joe Rinaldi

Millerton, NY                                                                               


Philip Wolf