The Hispañola in our name stands for the island Haiti shares with the Dominican Republic. 


From our base in Marjofre, we reach the under-served in southeast Haiti from Belle-Anse, Grand-Gosier and Thiotte east to Ansapit on the Dominican border.

See a video of Marjofre, our home base.




Despite tensions between the DR and Haiti, the flow of languages, trade and medicine is constant.

Watch us screen Dominican-Haitian deportees for cervical cancer in Ansapit:

Our patients live in isolated outposts, cut off from clinics and hospitals. Mobile clinics help reach them.


Watch a 'promoter' announce the HHP mobile clinic in the market town of Mapou:  


Politics ended southeast Haiti's coffee trade, leaving coastal towns like Belle Anse to die on the vine. One nurse runs the clinic for the entire district. HHP has her back.

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The hub of our region, Thiotte is home to a small but vital hospital where we educate and serve -- and to Haiti's best coffee.


Take a peek inside Thiotte's COOPCAB coffee 'cooperative.

Hard to imagine sleepy Grand-Gosier was once a bustling coffee port. HHP is giving new life to the under-manned clinic here.


Our beautiful coast:

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Google Earth view of Mapou, a market town in southeast Haiti

Southeast Haiti



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