Through a public-private partnership with the Haitian Ministry of Public Health and Population (MSPP), Hispañola Health Partners works within existing national health care structures, filling in the service gaps due to a lack of public resources.  MSPP supports HHP efforts through the provision of necessary medical personnel and equipment, while HHP collaborates on the implementation of nation-wide and region-specific MSPP health initiatives.



In 2016 AmeriCares Medical Outreach Program donated 283 pounds of medicine and supplies to the clinic in Marjofre. Volunteers hand-carried these resources from the States, to be distributed free of charge during patient consults in Marjofre and during mobile clinics.     

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Projet de Bodarie International is composed of Haitians of the diaspora (NY, Atlanta, Miami) who were born in Marejofre and show their love and care for their homeland by constructing a local church, school and the initial phase of our health clinic. They have taken time from their busy lives as bus drivers, housecleaners, and entrepreneurs over the last 15 years to meet bi-monthly and contribute $15 per meeting to doing good. From the seed they planted, we are cultivating their dream of having a regional health center to serve Marjofre and its southeast neighbors.

Projet de Bodarie Haiti is a grassroots organization founded by local community members concerned with the well-being of their villages, undertaking programs to mitigate the crushing effects of the region's crippling poverty.  HHP and Prrojet de Bodarie work hand-in-hand in the tailored design and delivery of HHP initiatives.  Projet de Bodarie members consist of educators, businessmen, masons, fishermen, and farmers.

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HMMW partners with the people of Thiotte and the surrounding area in the provision of health care and improvement of conditions that impact the health of the population.

HMMW and HHP collaborate on specific projects and work together to create a vision for sustainable health care with local resources. 

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Innovating Health International (IHI) treats chronic diseases and addresses women's health issues in Haiti and other developing countries. HHP partners with IHI in pioneering HPV self-testing in the most remote corners of southeast Haiti.  


Batey Relief Alliance helps create a safe, productive and self-sufficient environment for children and their families severely affected by extreme poverty, disease, and hunger in the U.S., Latin America and the Caribbean. HHP and BRA work together along the Dominican/Haitian border to improve health care for the people on the frontier.

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The mission of Global Force for Healing is to end preventable maternal and newborn deaths by supporting the scaling of effective community-based, culturally respectful care and related education in underserved areas around the globe. We are committed to nurturing programs that provide access to quality childbirth and health-related education and services marked by compassion and a commitment to mothers’ “voice and choice” in childbirth and reproductive health decisions. The grassroots programs work in partnership with local communities, are responsive to their needs, and trust in their wisdom.  HHP is proud to become a partner in 2019.