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Where there were no doctors


Nowhere in Haiti is healthcare so inaccessible as in the isolated Southeast, where death is often the accepted outcome of being sick. Louise Lindenmeyr, a nurse practitioner, set out to change that in 2013, bringing life-saving cervical cancer screening and treatment to women who had never had it, and teaching the low-cost technique known as VIA/Cryo to practitioners throughout the region. 

In rural Marjofre, Lindenmeyr and two enterprising friends came upon a half-built clinic. Seeing she was a traveling medical person, community leaders asked, "Maybe you can help?"

Today the clinic provides full primary care around the clock, 7 days a week, staffed by Haitian doctors and nurses who have a passion for serving 

the country's most vulnerable -- and a stake in making this

a sustainable, Haitian-owned health care practice.

Residents per hospital

HHP serves the Southeast.
Marjofre lies inland from this point.

Annual Report 

When we arrived in 2013 there were no doctors. In 2019 we served close to half the people in our region. And the clinic is making its own revenue on the path to independence.

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From organizing a fund raiser to treating cervical positives in the field, nurse practitioner Erin Quinn is a force of nature and nurture. Way to give!

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